Blackstone Corridor Transportation + Housing Study

Fresno, CA

Blackstone Corridor Transportation + Hosing Study is the collaboration of the Fresno Council of Governments (Fresno COG), City of Fresno, and Fresno City College (FCC) to conduct a Transportation and Housing Study of the segment of the Blackstone corridor bounded by Harvard Avenue on the north, Home Avenue on the south, Van Ness Boulevard/Marona Avenues on the west, and Clark Street on the east (the “Study Area”). The study is intended to identify strategies for integrating the planned Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on Blackstone with FCC and the surrounding neighborhoods by creating a safe, accessible pedestrian environment and promoting infill development that supports a walkable, transit-oriented district. It presents analysis on the market for “transit supportive” Mixed-use and housing development, defined as housing that is located within a quarter- to a half-mile of high-frequency transit service, built at a sufficient density to support transit ridership, and where there is appropriate infrastructure to facilitate biking and walking. Transit supportive development densities can range from townhouses and two- to three-story apartments, to higher density buildings.

In addition the study also focuses on City College Campus Transportation Demand Management (TDM), which consists of strategies to use transportation resources more efficiently. To avoid the expensive investments and high potential liabilities of limiting their transportation investments to roads and parking to accommodate future growth, Fresno City College has a unique opportunity to enhance the complete menu of transportation choices.  As part of the project a recent survey of Fresno City College students, faculty, and staff (4,316 responses) was conducted, which revealed that the vast majority of students (84%), faculty, and staff (91% each) travel to FCC campus by driving alone. This survey also illustrated that the campus community has strong concerns about the cost of commuting, long commute times, lack of available parking, and traffic congestion.

Type:  Transportation and Urban Planning
Location: Fresno, California
Client: City of Fresno / COG / Fresno City College
UDD Role: Urban Design / Local Liaison