Calwa Park Prop68 Playground Renovation

Calwa District (Fresno County), CA

Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program (SPP) is the largest park related grant program in California’s history with more than $1 billion in funding between the 2018 Prop 68 and 2006 Prop 84 Bond Acts. Fresno Building Healthy Communities (Fresno BHC), in partnership with Friends of Calwa, Inc. and Calwa Recreation and Park District, engaged the community of Calwa in a robust outreach effort, and submitted an application to California Department of Parks and Recreation Statewide Park Program for a $6.6 million Prop 68 grant. Calwa Park is a community park in full definition. Calwa Recreation and Parks District was formed in 1955 by community members in Calwa with the mission to provide and maintain recreation facilities, programs, and community enrichment activities for residents of the district and the greater community. The State recognized the value of Calwa Park for the neighboring community, and awarded a grant to Calwa Park to fund a new state-of-the-art playground, picnic area, gathering plaza, and walking loop.


Type:  Planning
Location: Calwa District (Fresno County), California
Client: Fresno Building Healthy Communities
UDD Role: Grant Writing & Community Engagement and Outreach