Madera Downtown Master Plan and Performing Art Center

Madera, CA

Madera Downtown Master Plan and Performing Art Center is three separate yet complementary components to the project; a Master plan for a segment of Madera’s Downtown, the architectural design of a new Performing Arts Center, and restoration of the historic Madera public library. Buildings that support enhancement of the arts can often be a catalyst for change and economic growth in a community. It is however critical that the Master Plan of the Downtown and design of the Performing Arts Center work together to capture the full potential of each other.

Authenticity, Connectivity and Economy are the three core values that leads Downtown Madera Master plan project.  Downtown Madera Master Plan and Performing Art Center project is informed by surroundings, represent Madera community, and enhances connectivity between civic center and commercial corridor on Yosemite Ave.  It will propose place making, smart programing, urban design and complete street strategies to reactivate Courthouse Park, stimulate economic growth, and change the overall perception of Madera downtown.  Community leaders, residents, Madera youth, and downtown business owners are the vital partners on this project, and their invaluable insights and partnership will help to change Madera downtown and to create sense of pride and ownership of downtown within the community.

Type:  Architecture and Urban Design
Location: Madera, California
Client: City of Madera / Madera Arts Council / County of Madera / Madera School District
UDD Role: Urban Design / Community Engagement and Outreach

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