Manchester Shopping Center Redevelopment Plan

Fresno, CA

Once a hot spot in Fresno, Manchester Shopping Center is now a straggling massive indoor shopping mall.  Despite huge vacancy, the Mall has managed to attract different types of tenants, and has shifted its original business model from only retail to mixed-use commercial.  Manchester Mall was one of proposed sites for the City of Fresno’s TOD design competition in 2010.  UDD in collaboration with Design Lab 252 worked on the Manchester Mall site, and proposed a transit-oriented redevelopment of the Manchester Mall into one of Fresno’s key mixed-use, live-work transit nodes.  Proposed project transformed the mall by breaking the massive structures to create smaller scale building masses and to stitch it to the surrounding neighborhoods, adding residential components, creating community parks, and creating a new main street.  Through an open selection by the public, UDD and Design Lab 252 won the 1st place in the design competition.