Measure P Implementation

Fresno, CA

The opportunity presented by Measure P to upgrade existing parks in Fresno is a turning point for the City’s road to success. Funding basic maintenance and lifecycle replacement were foundational recommendations of the Parks Master Plan (PMP) which also emphasized improvements in parts of the City with chronic lack of parks and functional amenities. The language of Measure P takes a closer look at these inequities, adding more rigor to identify criteria for greatest need/greatest community benefit.  Technical assistance and community outreach are the focus to help the City of Fresno and Measure P Commission adopt strategies that are aligned with the Measure P Ordinance and can guide the allocation of the funding that are going to be available for current year and the City’s next five years Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).


Type:  Planning
Location: Fresno, California
Client: City of Fresno
UDD Role: Community Engagement and Outreach