41 + North Ave Complete Street Design

Fresno, CA

City of Fresno and Habitat for Humanity jointly were the recipients of the Caltrans Environmental Justice Grant for Highway 41 and North Ave neighborhood in Fresno. The grant funded the Hwy 41 + North Ave Complete Streets plan.  Urban Diversity Design and other project team members assisted the City of Fresno and H4H to develop, through extensive community outreach, a community design plan that included a vision for complete streets. Complete streets enhance pedestrian and bicycle connections and safety, encourage economic development, improve transportation linkages to jobs and grocery stores and reduce travel conflicts between pedestrians, bicycles, buses, cars and trucks.  A highlight of the project was a three days community design charrette, which included a variety of activities to engage as many sectors of the community as possible in exploring the challenges and potentials of the project area.  Activities included a citizen’s walk audit, a student street beatification art project (tactical urbanism), and community visioning workshops.  Complete Street improvement plans for immediate, near, and long term goals were proposed.  Among many other items, street plans reflected community’s preferred alternative, and two land-use alternatives that will lead the future developments in the area.


Type:  Transportation & Urban Design
Location: Fresno, California
Client: City of Fresno / Caltrans Environmental Justice Grant
UDD Role: Urban Design / Community Engagement and Outreach