TCC – Southwest Fresno Trail

Fresno, CA


The City of Fresno was awarded $66.5 million from the Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) grant program to implement the Transform Fresno Project. The Transform Fresno project area encompasses 4.9 total square miles within the Chinatown, Southwest Fresno and Downtown areas of the City. The City falls in the top 5% Disadvantaged Communities according to CalEnvironScreen 3.0, and 100% of the project area is categorized as low income. The area faces a disproportionate share of environmental, health and economic burdens. Despite its challenges, this project area is ripe for transformation and the community is highly engaged and invested in the transformative process. Transform Fresno Project utilized a unique community participatory engagement process to identify community preferred list of projects to move forward. Southwest Fresno Trail project was one of the projects identified by the community to provide outreach and engineering services for the future trail project. The Trail is part of the priority bikeway network identified by Fresno Active Transportation Plan. It will install a Multiuse Class I Trail along the Fanning Ditch Alignment. This project, funded through Transform Fresno, will bring needed active transportation infrastructure and urban greening to Southwest Fresno. UDD with USGBC-CC collaboration oversaw the outreach and community engagement.

Type: Community Outreach & Education
Location: Fresno, California
Client: City of Fresno
UDD Role: Grant Writing Assistance, Community Engagement and Outreach