Union Corners New Community Plan, Redefining the Core

Madison, WI

Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU)
Design Competition, 2011

Residing between two glacial lakes, Madison, Wisconsin is a city defined by its water resources.  Sitting on an isthmus at the nexus of three City’s distinct neighborhoods, the Union Corners site offers a unique opportunity to bridge these neighborhoods while building on their inherent strengths- friendly neighborhood streets, a regional open space system, and a burgeoning art community.

The Union Corner design project was a collaborative effort by Urban Diversity Design and WRT Philadelphia for the CNU 2011 design competition, Madison WI.  Project won the 2nd place nationally. The plan reflects a small town atmosphere while providing gathering places, commercial, recreational and employment opportunities that take advantage of the site’s strategic location along the existing rail corridor. The central organizing element of the site is a 2 acre park that will serve as the town square, providing opportunities for performances, gatherings, farmers markets and other community sustaining functions.