Urban Greening Grant

Fresno, CA

The Urban Greening Grant (UGG) awarded to the City of Fresno was an addendum project to the Parks Master Plan (PMP). UGG shared objectives and activities with the PMP while also provided unique and complimentary outcomes. The overlap in goals amplified the opportunity to jointly promote parks and greenspaces and the associated public health benefits. The grant differed from the Parks Master Plan in that it took a closer look at public health, included more widespread community outreach, and specifically incorporated the necessary steps to create an implementable project.
Three high value areas for application of the UGG to the PMP were realized that included:

  • Greater detail about implementation of high level park goals for the purpose of becoming grant ready, which included the identification of specific sites based on gap analysis, and research about the community that would support grant goals for disadvantaged neighborhoods, costs, and related efforts.
  • Expand outreach to communities across each council district.
  • Highlight PMP strategies that would improve Fresno’s ranking in ParkScore.

UDD specific role was to work on a detailed engagement plan for the noticing, goals, and logistics of the outreach. Roles of consultants, Council staff, and City Staff were identified. It was consultants’ primary role to build momentum and conduct the outreach.

Type: Urban Planning
Location: Fresno, California
Client: City of Fresno
UDD Role: UDD Role: Community Engagement and Outreach